Thursday, January 07, 2010

Intel and Foursquare at CES 2010

Another good Foursquare example: Intel have partnered with them to provide special badges for people who check in at various points at the Consumer Electonics Show in Las Vegas this week.

According to Intel:

"There are over 15 locations where you can check-in for updates, freebies and special offers from Intel. (Check-in's include the Intel Booth, Paul Otellini's keynote, etc.) For each badge you unlock, you will be entered in for a chance to win an Intel-powered Netbook. The more badges you unlock, the better your chances. But remember! You can only redeem these badges by connecting with us on Foursquare. So get out there and discover all the great things that CES has to offer."

You can see the Intel page here.

A really interesting idea - maybe Foursquare isn't just for local companies...

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