Sunday, January 31, 2010

Some thoughts about the iPad

The iPad launched last week - here are a few initial thoughts:

It's for consumption, not creation. It's a big version of the iPod Touch, not the iPhone. Perfect for watching stuff on, with some other functiuonality like email, but not a computer. But... Most people don't need a computer. Whenever I travel I see lots of families taking laptops on holiday with them (I see this when they go through security). The iPad is for them.

They'll sell lots to businesses. Imagine if everyone in First Class & Business on an aeroplane got one of them instead of the usual in flight entertainment options. Or if you were offered one for an extra £10 in economy, when you booked.

Newspapers and magazines will be able to develop really engaging content, which is much more visual then the current versions. Allow people to subscribe like podcasts but for a fee. Remember this video that was doing the rounds before Christmas?

Think what The Sun could do, or Heat. Or The Economist.

1 comment:

Nikos said...

Why aren't the magazine sites already displaying content like this?

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