Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Viral Compendium 2012

Some years you get lots of virals for Valentine's Day; other years you get hardly any.  Here are some examples from 2007, and also from 2008 - sadly I didn't take screen shots back then, and I think all of the links are broken.

This seems to be a 'lots' year, except that they've not called 'virals' this year, and they all link to other things like games on Facebook.

Here are a few:

Durex - Vinyl

Heineken - Serenade

Chanel - Love Letters

Jean Paul Gaultier - L'Art du French Kiss

Craft Mac & Cheese - #VoiceOfLove with Ted Williams

Does he luv me?  An outdoor and mobile campaign for Valentine's day by colleagues at Isobar Mobile and Posterscope.  Visit the site on your PC or phone to play

adidas Neo Luv Song - make a song for that special person

Google's Valentine's Day Doodle

Dove displayed Tweets on large screens in Victoria Station

Samsung - Galaxy Love Note - website

Kirin's Beer Bro-quet - a bouquet for a man

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