Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Buy via Instagram with Like To Know It

Like To Know It is a new piece of technology that lets you buy from Instagram.  Vogue is one of the partners - like a pic on Vogue's Instagram that uses the technology, for example the one above, and you will be sent an email with direct links to buy.  In addition to Vogue, most of whose photos aren't 'shoppable' lots of other brands have signed up - browse some here, or seem them on LTKI's Instagram here

So it's not exactly directly selling on Instagram, but it's a nice workaround, and one that will let Vogue monetise their feed, albeit on a small scale.

Of course this also shows a feature that Instagram themselves could add, making it easier to buy directly with fewer stages.

More details here (with some pretty wild estimates of how much Vogue might be making)

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