Friday, April 22, 2005

DoubleClick Report on Ten Years of Online Advertising

Our friends at Doubleclick have produced a good summary of the last ten years of online advertising - 1994 - 2004

It's well worth taking the time to read. There are lots of good stats and figures in the report - mostly from the US - and a couple that I hadn't heard before:

1 - The internet in the US has seen the fastest growth of any medium since black and white TV - from zero to 50% penetration in 8 years (counting from the launch of Mosaic in 1993). Also brings into play the idea of dial up being like black and white TV, but broadband is like colour (my analogy) [Page 3]

2 - In the US (sorry!) Yahoo, the largest site, account for 12% of all page views. Domains 2-10 account for 25%, Domains 11-100 for 21%, Domains 101-500 for 17%, and 501-16,000 for a final 25% [Page 17, Figure 14]

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