Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Carlsberg - When you can't tell if an ad is real (pt 2)

Another example of when you can't tell whether an ad is real is this email.

England had just been unceremoniously (& very predicably) dumped out of the World Cup by Portugal, and many thought that Ronaldo had deliberately conspired to get Rooney sent off.

So this email started doing the rounds:

Subject: Fw: BREAKING NEWS Sky Sports - Latest Football News

Live News.......Fifa in doubt over Portugal world cup win against England It's alleged that one of the Portuguese football players failed a drugs test after the match. If this is confirmed as positive, under World Football Federation rules, paragraph 6 sub section 2e, Portugal will forfeit the quarter final match and England will play France in a Semi Final match played at a later date. (scroll down for the full transcript of this report).

...Carlsberg do not send emails, but if they did they would probably be the best emails in the world.

Again... was this ever sent out by Carlsberg (there are other versions this year, including a text, and there were similar examples in 2002 and 2004), or is it user-generated?

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