Monday, December 10, 2007

3 Skypephone Competition

Regular readers will remember that I recently featured a quick & positive review of the new 3 Skypephone.

The good people at 3 have now been even more generous, and are giving you the chance to win some of these to make Skype calls yourselves.

The winner of the competition gets three 3 Skypephones, the runner up gets two, and the person in third place gets one. Here, niftily copied from the email they sent me, is what you have to do:

You need to tell 3 why you want a 3 Skypephone – and it can be done however you want as long as it can be linked to. For example, it could be a blog post, forum thread or simple webpage, a picture or a set on Flickr (here’s something 3mobilebuzz knocked together, a link to a YouTube video (can you do better than this?) or even a Facebook group where 100 friends sign up and support the quest for a 3 Skypephone. The more creative the better.

The only rules are: the content needs to be original, not ripped off an insignificant YouTuber (they’ll know because you have to tag all your videos 3mobilebuzzcomp1!), and the URL of the site which brought the competition to entrants attention needs to be included on the entry
email - i.e. . The deadline for submissions is midday on Monday 17^th December.

Entries must be sent to the hallowed keeper of prizes, enforcer of rules and judge of all (it says here), .

As always 3 will keep everyone updated as to the best submissions via

3 await your gems of creativity in the name of free goods!

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