Friday, December 07, 2007

Supergrass Secret Gig

This is a good example of how bands can use the internet to organise special, low profile shows.

Supergrass have a new album out next year, and the first single from it Diamond Hoo Ha Man comes out soon.

To promote this two members of Supergrass are playing a series of low key gigs under the name Diamond Hoo Ha Men. They've set up a MySpace page for this band here , with Supergrass as the first friend, and also leaked news to the NME, and to their fan forum

At time of writing tickets for the main London gig at Madame Jo Jo's have now all gone (but I got one - woo!)

What I like about this is that anyone who was a fan could get involved (tickets didn't sell out for a few days), without using the name of the band explicitly outside of niche channels. OK, it's not the full band, but it should be a great show for any fans of the band. Also, in the week that Radiohead announced tickets for a giant gig in Victoria Park, it was possible to get tickets for this much more intimate event.

Fingers crossed for a great gig!

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