Monday, June 23, 2008

Interesting 2008

On Saturday I went along the Interesting2008 event in London. The idea is that it's like a festival for interesting speakers, talking about what they do, or what they love, and what makes it interesting. So lots of speakers with good stuff to talk about, lots of serendipidy, and no one on stage for more than 20 minutes.

To give an idea of the content the highlights for me were this demonstration of a turntable zoetrope (video comes from an earlier event), which I challenge anyone not to be thrilled by:

& this presentation on the joy of Lego - Lego is full of Win:

The event was great, and couple of things occurred to me:

1 - You could tour it. Lots of people around the country would be interested in this stuff. If you can tour something like Grumpy Old Women you can tour this (including local presenters)

2 - It would be great TV. 3 short presentations, snappily done in one 20 minute programme on BBC4 once a week. Or audition people to talk about what they love as some kind of 'Interesting Idol'.

Lots of the presentations should soon be here

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