Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mobile campaign on Blyk for Nick Hornby novel

I've recently seen people from Blyk at a couple of media events talking about the success of mobile as a medium.

Blyk is a UK service where 16-24s can get a certain amount of monthly free calls and texts in exchange for agreeing to receive marketing messages.

The Blyk site now features 8 case studies on how these campaigns actually work, from advertisers like Boots, Brylcreem, COI, L'Oreal and NatWest.

For example, Blyk was used by Penguin to promote Slam, the new novel by Nick Hornby.

Blyk sent out MMS messages to members, promoting the book, and offering an audio preview of the book, read by Nicholas Hoult, star of Skins on Channel 4, and also of the film About A Boy, a previous Nick Hornby novel.

70% replied to the original text, and 51% downloaded the audioclip to their phones. Impressive use of the medium!

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