Tuesday, June 17, 2008

YouTube - a quarter of a million clips per day

I recently read that YouTube had announced the astonishing fact that 10 hours of video content is uploaded every minute to YouTube globally: "During a panel here at the [digital Hollywood] Media Summit yesterday, YouTube Inc. 's Philip Inghelbrecht, strategic partner development manager, dropped this nugget of information: Ten hours of fresh content is uploaded to YouTube every minute."

I'd always assumed that the average time length was 30 seconds or so, making this 1,200 clips per minute, but then I decided to be a bit more scientific. Looking at the 100 most recently uploaded clips from today, the average timelength is 200 seconds - 3 1/3 minutes.

This makes 180 clips per minute, 10,811 clips per hour, and 259,500 clips per day. Phew.

Also - if you compare this to the average duration of the most popular 100 videos you see that the average for this is 285 seconds - 3 3/4 minutes - so the longer clips are actually more popular. YouTube should no longer be seen as the home of the 30" clip.

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