Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Swedish mobile location-based game of 'tag' - win a Mini Clubman

This is an excellent location-based game from Sweden. It's a high-tech version of 'tag'.

Download the Mini Getaway app to your phone, then use your phone to find the Mini using GPS.  If you get to within 50m of the current holder you can grab the Mini off him or her - but then you are the target and others will be after you.  If someone manages to be in possession of the virtual Mini for a whole week (which must be incredibly hard) they win a Mini Clubman.

I'm sure that there are lots of terms and conditions for this (not turning off your phone or jumping on a plane for starters), but what a thrilling idea.

Full info (in Swedish) at

I must also point out that it’s a campaign from my collegues in Carat Sweden and Suddenly Stockholm who made the iPhone app, together with MINIs creative agency JvM

Update - It's all over now - here's a video case study:


Andy said...

Great blog - regular reader. probably last year, i vividly remember you writing a post about a sites whereby on entering a serach word/term, it displayed Twitter, YouTube, blog mentions and the like in a sprawling large-tiled(?! - not thumbnails) mosaic. Can you remember the name of the site? If i have got my wires crossed and i am making it up, do you know of a site that does such a task? its similar to but is far improved atheistically-wise. many thanks, Andrew

Dan said...

Hi Andy,

Was is Spezify?

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