Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ripe for Disruption - June 2013

I love the phrase 'ripe for disruption'.  Digital people and MBAs use it a lot, to describe industries that they think are staid, rooted in old practices and technologies, and the sort of industries that new entrants could come into and really shake up, in the way that Amazon did with bookselling (& now other retailing) and Expedia and others did with travel.  It often leads to businesses that can be described as 'Kickstarter for T-shirts', 'airbnb for retail property' or 'Netflix for beer'.  In fact I think it would be a great title for Armando Iannucci's proposed series about silicon valley.

So what do people think is ripe for disruption at the moment?

This list is based on things I've found since the start of the year:

Cable TV

Communication agencies

Data security

Door locks


Flower delivery

Home cooking

Hunting and Fishing supplies

Legal industry

Mail services

Medical records

Music business

Ordering taxis

Payroll services



Real estate

Sanitary towels

Terrestrial radio


... & there's a whole list on this Quora post

I agree that a lot of these are going to be disrupted very soon (& some are already) - but it's fun seeing the list like this, and also to debate the pros and cons in each case.


Ciaran said...

Hard drive repair - a murky industry that could be disrupted by transparency (quick, before most consumer data heads to the cloud). Thanks for writing this blog Dan - it makes me think.

Anonymous said...

Well its a good discussion. We always champion the bloom of web startups and pull out the incredible figures which some of those are making: but it seems that we are not documenting the demise of its realted industries (so for instances we've never looked at how an e-commerce site makes x number of people redundant in a high street store)

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