Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mucking about

One thing that never ceases to delight me about digital media is people's ability and ingenuity in using it to much about.

Two examples:

Google image search (& Flickr).  Intended to serious things, but at some point someone decided to take a picture of his or her head in a fridge, and tag it with the number 241543903.  If you do an image search on this number you find a baffling amount of photos of other people with their heads in their fridges.

Quora.  Quora is the latest thing everyone seems to be talking about.  It is short for QUestion OR Answer, and it's an online forum where people post questions, and answer those left by other people.  At the moment it's ferociously dull, with endless questions about 'what's the business model for this?' and 'which startup is best for that?'.  But... now it looks like people are starting to much about with Quora too - as evidenced by this question.


Be playful everyone!

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