Monday, February 04, 2013

Real time marketing on Twitter at Super Bowl XLVII

As most of the UK slept, marketing finally became real time, as brands started firing out tweets that were responsive to what was happening at the Super Bowl and on TV.

The Super Bowl is the biggest deal in American marketing, but until now it's mainly been TV that's been the focus, with massively expensive ads trailed and released online before the events.

Last night there was a power outage and within minutes brands responded with tweets about it, or started to buy keywords like 'Power Outage', knowing that people would be searching Twitter to try to find out what was happening.  I think it'll be seen as a landmark event in second screen marketing.

Oreo seem to have done best, with this picture tweeted within 5 minutes:

(How they did it)

Tide tweeted this about 3 minutes later:

& Calvin Klein clearly had a whole set of Vines ready to send out at key moments:
(More examples on the Twitter blog - & Duracell did well with a post on Facebook)

This is all great stuff, and made possible by close relationships between clients and agencies operating 'war room' type set ups during events like this.

You can argue that it's been going on for a while - for example see how Paddy Power tweets during football matches - but I'm sure this is how more big events will work from now on.

Update - Virgin Holidays did very well with this, posted a few minutes after the Equal Marriage vote in the UK

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