Thursday, January 22, 2009

Heston Blumenthal's ready meals

Channel 4's show Big Chef Takes on Little Chef came to an end last night.

In the show Heston Blumenthal tried to re-design the menu for one restaurant in the the Little Chef chain. He realised pretty early on that the Little Chef staff were never going to be great chefs, however much training he gave them (also a finding in the Jamie Oliver show about school dinners - if the staff wanted to be chefs they would have got jobs in other sorts of restaurants).

Heston then came up with what was effectively a range of ready meals, albeit very good ready meals. It was then more a case of opening a packet and heating up, rather than cooking from scratch.

Watching this, my thought was 'Wow - Heston Blumenthal ready meals - what a great idea. Where can I get some?'

Now we know. In a great piece of opportunism are buying search and contextual ads around Heston's name, and the name of the show, saying 'Who helped out Heston? Try our Macaroni Cheese as seen on Channel 4's Big Chef Little Chef'.

Follow the links to buy Macaroni Cheese & Coq au Vin (OK, we still don't know who made the steak in ale pie or the chilli con carne. Any ideas?)

This is a great, simple piece of media buying. You'd be amazed how many companies don't do this, as I highlighted last year.

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Anonymous said...

As you say, that's smart marketing thinking and shows that small enterprises are often the most innovative.

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