Monday, January 19, 2009

Movie Boy for The Sun

This is a piece of work for the newspaper The Sun. To promote The Sun's week of giving away free movies, they have set up a site called Movie Boy where you can watch someone attempt to watch movies non-stop for six and a half days - 156 hours.

There are lots of ways to interact - Facebook, YouTube, MySpace and Twitter accounts have all been set up, and the comment stream is also pretty lively. You can also guess how long he will actually last - the winner gets £1,000. (I'm hoping that he manages to fit in The Tree of Wooden Clogs - L'Albero degli zoccoli - before he finishes)

Today is gangster day, to promote the give-away of A Bronx Tale. Looking forward to seeing what theme they use for the giveaway of Bill & Ted on Wednesday!

Full disclosure - this is produced by Glue, one of Isobar's agencies.

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