Monday, January 19, 2009

I Wear Your Shirt

I always think that if I were ever at the centre of a major news story, with paparazzi camped out in the bushes (hard in my street, to be honest) I'd start auctioning space on my t-shirts - you know 'to advertise here call...'

Jason from I Wear Your Shirt is doing a similar thing. For the whole of 2009 he will wear a different sponsored shirt every day. The sponsor for 1st of January paid $1, and the price for a day's sponsorship goes up by $1 per day, so that the sponsor for 31st December pays $365. (The total ad revenue will come to $66,795, plus the extra $1,500 per month for the monthly sponsor).

January 18 - Mouton Noir Wines from Jason Sadler on Vimeo.

Jason will blog every day, and upload photos and videos of himself in the shirt. The logo for the monthly sponsor will appear in the background in some shots.

I live this. It's like a human version of the million dollar homepage, and it'g gratifying to see that it's taken off to such a degree that the whole of Jan-June has sold out already. This page shows the calendar for the remaining months.

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