Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Amscreen Digital POS Screens

Amscreen is a UK company specialising in installing and maintaining digital screens in shops, hospitals and other places where people congregate. Or as they put it themselves: "Versatile Close Proximity Digital Signage"

Case studies available at the site - this is very much the local end of digital outdoor advertising.

For example for Boots:

Objectives Boots contracted Amscreen healthcare to run a twelve week advertising campaign on three screens in the new Walk In Centre to demonstrate an uplift in over the counter prescription sales at the Boots Kingston Pharmacy in Milton Keynes. The advert on the screens had to target patients and visitors in the waiting rooms, raising awareness of the late night Boots prescription service.
The Amscreen Healthcare Network
The initial campaign utilised three screens (of the 120 available) on one site. The Milton Keynes Walk In Centre was chosen specifically because it is open for at least 14 hours a day to provide emergency primary care. The campaign broadcast for 3 months starting in July through to September 07.
Positive Results
Key results were provided by Boots and included a total of 288 responses from the campaign during a 10 week period, of which 210 prescription sales were as a direct result of the on screen content.

UK TV viewers may be interested to know that this is the company that the winner of this year's Apprentice will be working for.

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