Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Brute - the new viral gaming phenomenon

My Brute is the new viral gaming phenomenon from Motion Twin. I found out about it while I was researching some niche trends in different regions around the world, and it's very intriguing.

It's an arena fighting game, where you control your own avatar. You need to fight other avatars to gain more attributes, climb levels and get more weapons. You can also recruit students to your Dojo, which also adds to your power. When you register your own fighter you get a unique URL for him (mine here).

It was created in March this year and claims to have 1.7m players daily, and 70m Brutes created to date (players can create up to 8 each - but the game checks players IP address so you can't just create 7 students for your main player). This is far greater growth than twitter - but no one has yet created a page for it on Wikipedia. They recently created an app for the iPhone and iTouch (price €3.99 or $4.99)

Here's a guide to gameplay, and here's a video showing a typical fight.

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