Monday, June 08, 2009

Carl's Jr YouTube sponsorship

According to news reports, Carl's Jr, the American fast food chain, has done a very unusual media buy across YouTube. Instead of buying ads on the channel it has issued a brief to some existing YouTube stars to make a commercial for the brand intheir own styles. The videos get hosted on the stars' own pages, and on this special channel. The stars get paid based on how many views their videos get.

There are 9 YouTube stars contributing so far. For example Dave Days

& SMP Films

& HotForWords

Great idea - and as AdWeek point out one used already by Sanyo - see this video paid for and promoting Sanyo video cameras.

I think that this kind of 'long tail product placement' will only grow, and also become a useful form of funding of YouTube and other social media players.

As a more small-scale example (even more long tail), check out what this Dutch coffee company is doing: Any students incorporating one of their slides into a presentation (& providing photographic or video proof) will get a voucher for €21 worth of coffee. (Via Nick Burcher)

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