Sunday, June 28, 2009

Eventful - Group shopping for gigs

I've found another group shopping example.

Eventful is live music ticketing site that lets fans demand that bands come to their town. In this section of the site, fans can demand that an artist come to them, spread the word to get more to sign up to show that demand exists, and then let Eventful establish contact and start negotiations.

For example there are currently demanders wanting Morrissey to come to Altrincham, Buxton, Chester, Blackpool, Wigan, Manchester and Liverpool. Good luck with that; where it seems to work better is for up and coming bands - or better still with solo artists.

Julia Nunes, whose original songs and cover versions on ukelele have won her thousands of fans on YouTube (over 100,000 subscribers) links to Eventful from her site, and has just played some gigs in the UK. It's a great way for the generation of artists making it big through social media to organise real world events.

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