Friday, June 05, 2009

The company that gets twitter wins search

Two brilliant quotes on twitter and search from Steve Broback. Essential:

"If you want to offer the best Web search engine, you need to buy Twitter.
The bottom line is that whoever acquires Twitter will in essence take possession of an army of millions (soon to be tens of millions) of humans who are actively, accurately, and enthusiastically meta-tagging pages. In the arena of human-augmented search, Mahalo is a useful wheelbarrow, while Twitter is a fleet of 747 cargo planes. The search engine that integrates Twitter data properly will likely become recognized as the “best” search engine out there."

[& later in the same post]

"Consider what happens if Twitter data is incorporated into Google, Yahoo, or LiveSearch. Any tweet that contains a link effectively serves as a citation as well as a meta-tag for a page. This tag can be weighted for relevance by any number of factors (location, time, retweets, followership, etc.) I’m not saying it can’t be gamed, but I am saying it’s difficult to do.
Many bloggers are already talking about how is the now the first place they now go to get the information they want. Many others have read this writing on the wall as well."

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