Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Invite Codes Available for Roamler

I first wrote about Roamler last year.  Roamler is a mobile network that lets you request or perform small tasts, for free or for payment.  For example you might someone to provide a picture of how your product is being displayed in a certain branch of Tesco, or even to promote your product in an unusual way.  Roamler can facilitate these (and many more) sorts of things.  Roamler was launched in the Netherlands last year, but now it's available in London, for invited users only.  So far it's only for the iPhone 3G, 4, or 4S

Watch the video to see more.

Roamler explanimation from Roamler on Vimeo.

I have some invites - please send me a DM on Twitter (if we're already connected) or @ me - I'm @DanCall

(I don't have any invites any more!!!)

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