Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hot Dudes on Instagram

I suppose it's only natural on a service which is skewed towards women (see recent Pew stats for the US here), but there are suddenly lots of 'Hot Dudes' accounts getting lots of followers on Instagram -

For example...

Hot Dudes Reading - 465,000 followers since February

Men & Coffee - 140,000 followers since November 2014

Hot Dudes with Dogs - 56,000 since early March

It's fun (& potentially lucrative) to imagine what will come next.  It's also interesting that a couple of years ago these would have been Tumblrs.  (But just to prove that Tumblr's not dead, here's Tinder Guys With Tigers, and Guys Holding Fish on Tinder)

(Yes, I'm well aware that there are *lots* of quite dodgy accounts aimed at men on Instagram)

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