Friday, May 01, 2015

Favourite Podcasts

Lots of people are getting into podcasts, thanks to Serial, and I've been asked a few times for recommendations, so here is a list of my favourites:


Radio 4 Media Show - very good wekly magazine programme, with lots of interviews with very senior people

The Media Podcast - Spun out of The Guardian's Media Podcast, this is a pretty good fortnightly listen, using a round table discussion format, covering all media

KCRW's The Spinoff - A fortnightly discussion programme about the business of US TV.  now better (I think) than The Business, the film show it spun off from

The Bottom Line - BBC show about business - one topic discussed each week, e.g. 'gold' or 'queueing', with media and tech topics covered quite regularly

Monocle's The Stack - All about magazine publishing, from a very 'Monocle' perspective

Private Eye's Page 94 - A fortnightly look at stories in the magazine.  It's just 4 episodes young, but seems to be finding its feet well


a16z - Tech news from the VC firm - the ones with Benedict Evans talking about mobile are especially good

ReplyAll - A weekly show all about quirky internet stuff - e.g. Marnie the Dog who has over 1m followers on Instagram, and the 'LarryShippers' One Direction conspiracy theorists

Exponent - A weekly discussion of Ben Thompson's Stratechery blog posts about tech issues.  Takes a while to get into (or rather it did for me) but very informative and entertaining


Studio Audience - Weekly London-based art & design news as a discussion between the staff at the It's Nice That studio.  Often very funny

Kermode & Mayo's film reviews - A weekly show of film reviews and interviews.  It might take a while to get used to them, and it's long, but it's a good way to keep up with what's out

Front Row - Daily BBC arts programme - Almost all major releases in films, TV, books and music are covered - fast fwd to the things you're interested in.

Blokey Banter (you've got to be in the mood for these)

There seem to be lots of podcasts devoted to blokes chatting to other blokes (usually blokes).  among my favourites are:

The Nerdist - An American weekly - with recent editions featuring Adam Buxton, Nick Frost (always an amazing interviewee), and Benedict Cumberbatch

WTF - LA comedian Marc Maron interviews (mostly) other comedians.  Again the Nick Frost one is excellent, and also look out for the ones with Louis CK, Mike Judge and Chrissie Hinde

Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast - British, weekly for series of ten or so, interviewed in front of an audience.  Some great ones include the ones with Stephen Fry, Steve Coogan, Rufus Hound, Russell Brand and Sue Perkins

Ones I wished I liked

Freakonomics - Good, but the endless background music makes it too hard for me to listen to

Stuff You Should Know - Wish it was weekly rather than daily, and scripted, rather than a loose discussion.  I could love it as much as Reply All (see above), if it was like that

TED Radio Hour - Good in parts, but I'd prefer to be able to just have the audio of the original TED Talks

What am I missing?  Please suggest others to me in the comments or via Twitter (I'm @dancall) 

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