Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Augmented Reality for Topps Baseball cards

This looks so good I thought at first that it must be fake.

Augmented Reality allows 3D images to be embedded on flat surfaces, to be activated in webcams or other display technologies. Other prototypes and examples I've seen do things like display 3D pictures of shoes on the outside of the box.

These ones go far beyond that and absolutely brilliant uses of the technology.


charlie gower said...

I saw that, silly good.
You saw the GE one I take it...

In guess the thing to remember is that you have to look at the screen to enjoy it, this stuff will be much stronger outside, i.e. on the mobile.

Dan said...

Yes - I saw the GE one as well. It's all moving so fast, and I totally take your point about mobile.

I'm going to try to get a set of the Topps cards from Ebay to add to my Museum of Marketing Innovation (a cardboard box under my desk)

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