Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hard Rock Cafe memorabilia collection with Silverlight

We had a meeting with DotNetSolutions at our office this morning, to show us some of the things that you can do with Microsoft's new Silverlight technology.

One of the examples was this memorabilia gallery produced for Hard Rock Cafe. Visit the site or have a play with the embedded image - it's amazing how close you can zoom in with your scroll wheel! This is just one of the thousands of bits of memorabilia that you can see on the site, but it demonstrates how much detail you can see.

Also, as one commenter has pointed out, there is a very entertaining Easter Egg built in. While you are navigating around, press your 'v' key and see what happens!

You can see other Silverlight examples here


Lemme said...

For extra fun, hit the V key on your keyboard. You’ll be zoomed in on a Paul McCartney bobblehead doll. Zoom out from there (with your mouse wheel or by shift-clicking) and you’ll see the entire Hard Rock collection (so far). For reals.

Dan said...

That's amazing!

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