Friday, March 06, 2009

The enduring popularlity of SimpsonizeMe

SimpsonizeMe was a site produced for Burger King in 2007 as a tie in with The Simpsons Movie. Visitors could upload their own picture, play with it a bit, and make their own personal portrait, in the style of the show. The portrait could be printed, sent to friends, or embedded elsewhere. It was very popular at the time; it seemed that for the next few months everyone had one pinned up on their desk, or as their Facebook picture.

One of my colleagues asked me to revisit it earlier this week, to see if it was still live. The answer was yes, very much so. In 2008 it had an average of 296,000 unique visitors each month, according to data from comScore MediaMetrix. Currently it's the 3rd largest website globally for Burger King (same source). A great example of the enduring power of a great idea online.

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