Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ThisPlace 09

ThisPlace 09 is a project that's been created by a couple of colleagues, Christian Johnsen and David Hawksworth, independent of their day jobs.

The Copenhagen Climate conference takes place on 7-18th December this year. The aim is to collate messages generated by people on the site into a book (ethically produced), and distribute this to as many of the the 15,000 delegates as possible.

People can nominate a place that matters to them that is likely to be affected by climate change, either on the site, or on twitter using the hashtag #thisplace.

More on the project at their blog here

So here is my nominated place for today - the Peak District, where I was on holiday last week.

Please get behind this if you can!


david Hawksworth said...

Thanks Dan,

For people who go to the blog - safari is giving us problems so FF or IE is better. Whereabouts in the Peak District were you? Bet you were near my house!

I had not thought about how it will be affected by climate change but did a quick search and it here it is - plenty to write home about : )

In summary over the coming years the Peak District National Park is expected to experience
increased summer and winter temperatures; decreased summer precipitation; increased winter
precipitation and more extreme weather events (storms, droughts and flood events).

Important Peak District habitats will be affected – within the Dark Peak peat formation will be
slowed or reversed, heather moorland will be at greater risk of fires, bracken may spread,
limestone rivers and streams in the White Peak may become seasonal and the species
composition of the dales ash woodland will change. Bird species such as Merlin, Red Grouse,
Golden Plover and Twite as well as plants such as Cloudberry, Northern Marsh Orchid and Jacob’s
Ladder are likely to be lost from the Peak District as they move northward.

Dan said...

I stayed in a cottage in Brassington, and wandered all around the place, as far West as Dunham Massey.

This is the cottage:


(The cottage is highly recommended!)

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