Monday, October 05, 2009

Ukraine Vs England online only

Next Saturday sees a first in UK broadcasting - for the first time ever (in recent memory anyway) no TV station will be showing a competitive England football match, so it will only be streamed online.

Setanta originally had the rights, but they collapsed earlier this year, and once England qualified no other broadcaster was willing to pay.

The match is pay per view, with an 'Early Bird' rate of £4.99 if you pay now, rising to £11.99 on the day of the match. However according to a spokesman on the radio this morning they can only have 1 million subscribers - they cannot stream to more than that number.

There's also a deal whereby if you open a Bet365 account and have a bet you get free access, and there are affiliate deals with major newspapers - for example the Daily Telgraph, The Times, and The Sun.

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