Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Media milestones of 2009

I compiled this list for a colleague, and I thought others might also like it, so I've put it here.

I hope that most major digital media milestones for 2009 are included. Let me know any that aren't. (The launch of Wolfram Alpha's been left out deliberately.)

All stories should be easy to find by searching.

Key digital media events of 2009

Jan - Data shows that China has nearly 300m internet users, an increase of 42% in 2008

Jan - Guitar Hero III becomes the world's first $1bn game

Jan - Obama inauguration shows on Facebook, with CNN

Feb - Facebook turns 5, and becomes twice as popular as MySpace globally

Mar - Skittles creates a site that is essentially just twitter search

Mar - YouTube block music videos in the UK, due to a disagreement over rights (This was resolved in September)

Mar - Google Streetview launches in the UK

Apr - Ashton Kutcher becomes the first person to get a million followers on twitter

Apr - Pirate Bay ruled illegal

Apr - 1 billionth iPhone App downloaded

May - Pre-roll ads come to YouTube in the UK

Jun - Bing launches

Jun - Facebook introduce 'vanity' urls - i.e. your name in the url

Jun - Twitter praised for role in the aftermath of Iranian election

Jul - All sorts of records smashed in the aftermath of Michael Jackson's death, inc the video streaming record (& google news & twitter go down)

Jul - iPlayer overtakes MySpace in the UK

Jul - Microsoft & Yahoo do search deal

Jul - iPhone 3GS launched

Aug - Ofcom says nearly 25% of UK households use the internet for catch-up TV

Sept - iPhone App store generating an estimated $2.4bn per year

Sept - twitter overtakes MySpace in the UK

Sept - Facebook declares that it's cashflow positive

Oct - 2 billionth iPhone app downloaded

Oct - Online advertising overtakes TV advertising in the UK

Oct - 'Jan Moir/ Stephen Gately' storm on twitter

Nov - Modern Warfare 2 sells 7.2m copies globally on the first day

Nov - Google buys the mobile ad serving company AdMob

Nov - Murdoch rails against Google, rumoured to be dealing with Microsoft

Dec - Google introduces real time results in search, and Google Goggles mobile picture search

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