Friday, June 11, 2010

adidas Facebook Match Up app

adidas have just launched a new app on Facebook for football fans to play during the World Cup.

Called Match Ups, it asks fans to pick the winners between the games to be played. Fans then predict other aspects of the games, including possession, percent of shots outside the penalty area, and so on. It uses official football match stats supplied by Opta.

Players win points for participating, for sharing, for recruiting other players, for taking part in discussions, and for getting predictions right.

For example:

10 points for choosing your side
40 points for sharing with friends on Face Book or email

10 points for starting a comment thread (limited to 400 points each match up for starting a thread)

5 points for replying to another person’s thread (limited to 400 points each match up for replying to a tread)

1 point for liking another person’s comment

10 points every time your comment receives a Like
20 points for making a prediction 100-1500 points for making a correct prediction

It looks really good, and it's great to have a competition that uses real fans' hard core knowledge and opinions, rather than multiple choice tests and similar.

Full disclosure - adidas is one of the clients of the agency that I work for

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