Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Marketing with Kittens

This is a brilliant way to get the internet to notice you; make your own YouTube kitten video.

Lake Street Creamery is a food cart in Los Angeles. They make very nice sounding ice cream in the cart, and more around LA selling it, announcing their location on twitter. It's a big trend in LA; the wonderfully named ClusterTruck tracks their locations on a map.

To stand out from this crowd Lake Street have made a video of a kitten, wearing a hat, eating one of their ice creams. It's been on YouTube for 5 days and had nearly 80,000 views so far.

They even have out-takes, like this one, put up 2 weeks earlier as a sort of teaser strategy.

(The audition video has had 1.3m views in under 2 weeks. That's show business)

Well done guys; tipping my (tiny) hat to you!

Via the ever-reliable Metafilter

1 comment:

pristyles said...

this just cements my theory that cats rulez the internetz

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