Friday, June 04, 2010

Buy cinema tickets on Facebook through Tickets Together

Tickets Together is a Facebook app that lets you buy cinema tickets and arrange an event simultaneously.

It's currently being used to sell tickets for Toy Story 3 in the US, but I'm assuming it'll be extended to other titles soon.

Users simply put in their location, select a screening time, and invite friends. It then creates an event, and they can buy tickets directly. You can see in the screengrab that I invited 2 friends. The Toy Story characters are going to be there anyway...

In the US it uses 3rd party ticketing agencies like Fandango to do the transaction; over here there is no similar arrangement, but you'd hope that they'd be able to organise something. Booking cinema tickets through a site like Facebook is such a no brainer, and part of a growing trend of being able to spend money on the site.

More details at Mashable.

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