Tuesday, June 08, 2010

How I accidentally deleted my twitter account

Update - Thanks to the Twitter team I'm @dancall again - phew!

Oh blimey.

I've been on twitter since 2007, I think. I signed up early on to see what the fuss was, tweeted a bit, then stopped for about a year.

Then I got back into it in about mid 2008 , as it seemed to be gathering momentum in the UK, and there were lots of interesting people that I wanted to follow and interact with.

At one point I decided to link it to my Facebook account, so that I wouldn't need to update both. As time went on and I started to tweet more work-related stuff, including posts from this blog, and my stats blog.

Eventually I decided to break the link between my twitter and my Facebook.

So, earlier this morning I went to the twitter app in Facebook, and selected the option at the bottom to 'deactivate my account'. There didn't seem to be any other way to unlink twitter from Facebook.

Anyway, it deleted my entire twitter account - 1,100 or so followers, and 1,300 or so people that I'm following. It's a bit of a nightmare.

So please, if you used to follow me, please re-follow me at my new account @dancall1 (I'm now @dancall again)

It's been a bit of a shocking experience, to be honest. I'm not even going to go into how much I'd potentially pay to reverse the deletion, but I do know that it's less painful than:

Losing my Gmail
Losing my blog archives
Losing my delicious account.

& also it's a lot less painful than losing anyone 'real' if you know what I mean.

But anyway - beware with the twitter Facebook app (don't bother) and please re-follow me on twitter - @dancall1 (I'm now @dancall again)

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