Friday, June 25, 2010

C'mon LeBron

This summer LeBron James of the Cleaveland Cavaliers is out of contract. While he decides which team he should join, some of the cities are using social media to try to show how keen they are to have him.

Chief among these is New York. They have an officially sanctioned 'C'mon LeBron' campaign, created by the agency BBH, which is gaining popularity. As they put it "The world’s greatest athlete belongs in the world’s greatest city".

On their site they aggregate different things that people are doing, plus provide a toolkit with twitter crowns and more.

Not to be outdone, here is Dallas - LeBronToTheMavs, and Chicago - SendLeBronToChicago.

This sort of anticipation and celebration isn't new; my dad was in Naples the night it was announced that Maradona was signing in 1984, and apparently the locals drove around the city all night blasting their horns. In fact even if LeBron does go to New York it probably won't equal the scenes in Naples. These days it's easier to orchestrate, though.

More info at Econsultancy.

Update - 9th July - he's gone to Miami. Pretty good response on the C'mon LeBron site:

1 comment:

Pablo Edwards said...

It is amazing to watch how some cities are planning to Woo Lebron. Plans have to change now that he isn't going on his whirlwind tour.

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