Saturday, September 11, 2010

Destroyer Burrito - Nike with twitter, Facebook Places and a food truck

This is a brilliant and innovative use of multiple technologies:

Nike created a special treat for their fans in Portland.  They tweeted a message to followers of Nike Sportswear to go to the Koi Fusion food truck near to Portland University, check in using Facebook Places, and request a Destroyer Burrito from the truck.

Wrapped in the usual burrito foil was...  a free Nike jacket.  It doesn't say, but I'm assuming it was free. 

I love this because it's clever, it's simple, it's controllable (only a certain number of items to give away), and it's the first use (I think) of the phenomenon of food trucks in America as a distribution channel.  It's also the first (I think) use of Facebook Places for marketing.  Finally, it uses passwords (Destroyer Burrito) in real life, which I think has huge potential.  Hmmm. 

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