Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weezer's partnership blitz

Weezer's new album Hurley came out yesterday, and they seem to have pulled pretty much every trick in the book to promote it.

For example:

Micro-celebries - they're appearing in the videos of over 10 YouTube celebries, including Hot For Words (below) in a stunt previously pulled by Carls Jr.  Full list for Weezer here.

Partnerships - there are several of these.

The main one is with the clothing company Hurley, who have had the album named after them (a first, as far as I know), and created a special range of clothes to celebrate the band.  Tied to this, Weezer have parterned with the store Pacsun to sell the clothes, plus the album was on sale through Pacsun a day early.

They have also partnered with Axe (Lynx in the UK) to arrange a series of secret gigs.  You need to add Axe on Facebook or twitter to find out the dates, locations, and how to get tickets.  Here's the tweet that tells you how to get tickets:

Go 2 Amoeba Music (WSunset/Cahuenga) at 6pm &find dude outside in black AXE top for tix 2the 9/21 Weezer @AXE Music OneNightOnly show! – JWA

They have partnered with Amazon - enter the code PICKDEAL when you checkout at Amazon MP3 (US only) and get a discount on the album

& finally they've partnered with the Jackass team - the video (below) for the new single doubles as a promo for the new film Jackass 3D.

It'll be interesting to see how the album sells, and also whether the fans accept this pretty merciless level of selling themselves


Mike said...

The new Weezer album was actually not named after the clothing company Hurley. See this article:

Dan said...

Hi Mike,

I still maintain that it was - this link, from Hurley, talks at length about the collaboration.

But it Weezer are claiming that this has absolutely nothing at all with the decision to name the album then that's up to them!

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