Friday, September 03, 2010

A hunter kisses a bear, A hunter dances with a bear...

Tipp-Ex have produced one of the best YouTube stunts I've seen.

A relatively standard video NSFW. A hunter shoots a bear! shows a hunter surprised by a bear at his campsite.  He then picks up a gun, and you can choose whether he shoots the bear or not, using YouTube annotations.

In the course of the next video, whichever option you choose, the hunter then hijacks the video, reaches across to the Tipp-Ex ad next to the video, and blocks out the word 'shoots'.

You can now type in your own word, and get a completely new video showing that situation, for example:

A hunter kisses a bear

A hunter dances with a bear

A hunter eats a bear

...& so on.  It's fun to try to find new ones. Try your own here

(Deep linking to videos not possible - you need to type the words in yourself)

Really, really well done.  It's a knowing update of Subservient Chicken, but using better technology.  It shows the value of YouTube.  As with recent stunts for Old Spice and The Expendables, there's no other site on the internet that this would work on, based on the reach and the capabilities.

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Unknown said...

So far I've found 39 possibilities, but there's a site which claims there are over 50 different videos. If anyone can add to my list, it would be greatly appreciated.

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