Saturday, September 11, 2010

Coke Machine Fairy - Coca Cola's Foursquare treasure hunt in Australia

This is a very clever use of Foursquare by Coca Cola in Australia.

Building on the idea of the Happiness Machine, the Coke Machine Fairy is placing special 'winning' bottles of Coke around Sydney.

The 'Fairy' checks into a venue, announces it on Foursquare and twitter, and then the first person to get to the Coke machine and find the bottle gets the prize.  In face they've set up the Coke machines as entities in twitter, which is very smart.  See one here.

Here's an example:  Yesterday a bottle was dropped off near Chinatown at 6.27pm. It was found by 6.31.  Quick work!  The prize was a $300 voucher at General Pants.  Here's the winner:

Excellent stuff.  You can really see this creating a buzz.  Yes, it does 'borrow' massively from the Jimmy Choo campaign, but there shouldn't be any shame in that.  Great campaigns (& Jimmy Choo had a great campaign) will always inspire others.

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