Friday, April 03, 2009

Bruno on MeinSpace

The trailer for the new Sacha Baron Cohen film Bruno has exploded all over the internet today (see below). Here on the right is the US site for the movie, done exclusively with MySpace (re-directing from It's blocked in the UK, so all I've got is a screenshot from an ex-colleague. They've done a great job; for example:

Favourite music:
Destiny's Kinder
Milli (from Milli Und Vanilli)
Chris Martin von ze band Caltspiel
U Zvei
Ze rapper Funfzig Pfennig

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There's also a twitter account @brunovassup

I'm expecting all sorts of great stuff from both the movie and the marketing. Borat had what is still the single most engaging use of MySpace that I've seen - a fan would post a comment on Borat's wall and then 'he' would post back on theirs, usually something totally inappropriate. See the screen grabs below to see what I mean.

Megan writes on Borat's wall
Borat writes on Megan's wall
Bruno Trailer below (with age verification)

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Dave said...

lol well funny.

Have you seen ? good site for Ali G and Bruno info

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