Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Legacy Locker

Legacy Locker is a US service that lets you register online your online usernames, passwords and accounts. In the event of death, this information will be passed on to named beneficiaries.

I think that this site, and others like it, will become huge businesses. The logisitics of tracking down all the bank accounts and savings plans held by people who have died suddenly must be horrendous. Plus, many webmail accounts will be deleted if inactive for a few weeks, and as far as I know there is currently no process for letting relative access these if the user dies.

Legacy locker costs approx $30 per year for an account, $300 as a one time fee, or there is a very limited free trial on offer. In fact you could probably use the free trial, and keep all the other important info you need in a gmail account for beneficiaries to access.

For more information explore the site, and read the blog.

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