Friday, April 03, 2009


This is a fantastic use of twitter: London agency Poke have produced a piece of hardware for their local bakery, Albion, which lets the bakers tell people what has just finished baking. There is a twitter account that you can follow @AlbionsOven (typical tweet: Lovely, layered bloomers, french baguettes, sourdough, traditional bridge, and many more breads, still steaming), while the bakers just need to turn the dial to the appropriate pre-set tweet.

See a video of it in action:

BakerTweet from BakerTweet on Vimeo.

I love this so much, because it's so simple, but also because it's a nod to the Trojan Room coffee pot webcam, set up at the Cambridge University Computer Department in 1991, so that the techies could see how much coffee there was left in the pot without leaving their desks.

One small thing though - why don't they mention this on the Albion website?

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zolty said...

we didn't really expect this to be such a big hit - we kind of just made it for ourselves and neighbors so we could get fresh treats.

now that it does seem to be getting so popular though, we'll be talking to the albion this week on updating their site and such appropriately. Good eye.

- poke BakerTweet box guy

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