Wednesday, April 29, 2009

#5 - Rio Ferdinand's online magazine

Rio Ferdinand is one footballer who seems to understand digital media. I was recently doing a brief assessment of the online presence of several footballers for a colleague, and by and large their sites are terrible (hello Michael Owen, Wayne Rooney, Lionel Messi...), although Stephen Ireland's site is very well done. (Yes, OK, they can all play football better than I can do *anything*).

Rio seems to have a good presence online; both his MySpace page and his official site look good, are updated regularly, and give you a reason to visit regularly.

Now he's launched his own online magazine, #5, named after his squad number at Manchester United. It's pretty good - although I'd despute the claim that it's the world first digital lifestyle magazine - with lots of content, videos, etc, and is well designed, if you like online magazines.

See also: Monkey Magazine, TalkSport Magazine and Wired UK, also powered by Ceros

Thanks to Priyanka & her One Part Truth Two Parts Mixer for the tip!

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