Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Frame a Friend for Shifty

Great little fun app for the new film Shifty. Upload a friend's pic to make it look like they've been caught on CCTV, then post it to Facebook.

The Shifty site also has a mixing competition; they certainly seem to know their target audience.

Shifty was made as part of the FilmLondon Microwave initiative, a programme to give film makers the chance to make films for £100,000. It's currently on release in cinemas, and is getting very good reviews. There's lots to see and do on the Microwave site, including this list of films in the pipeline, advice on Web 2.0 and DIY sales and advice on locations for people filming in London. More power to them. On a recent trip to Paris I was delighted to visit a local cinema showing almost exclusively French films.

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