Thursday, September 10, 2009

Derren Brown's Lottery Trick

Last night Derren Brown did a live TV trick in which he predicted the midweek lottery numbers. See how this trended on twitter both last night and this morning; figures are shown in percentages (anyone know how to get actual volumes?) & the higher spike last night is more a reflection of the fewer active UK tweeters.

It was very well done, and shows that:

a) Live TV events can be amazingly powerful, and TV is still an amazingly powerful medium for programme makers with great ideas

b) Derren Brown is such a skilled operator that his tricks can withstand the most immense YouTube scrutiny.

So far there have been over 1,000 comments on this version, uploaded to YouTube.

A programme revealing how he did it will be shown on Channel 4 on Friday - expect large audiences!

Update - 10th September - OK, it didn't take too long to work out how he did it. I'd still expect huge audiences for tonight's show though; the level of interest in the stunt has been amazing.

(How did he do it? Discounting the idea that he could predict the numbers, I suspect that there was something going on largely out of shot, that will be revealed on the second camera on Friday. If you're interested in stage magic, you must read Hiding the Elephant by Jim Steinmeyer; it'll make you think in a whole new way.)

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Anonymous said...

The revealing programme is gonna be quite interesting, I think

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