Friday, September 25, 2009

MTV Smokescreen - tracking 10 people trying to quit smoking

This campaign tracks 10 people across Europe, who are trying to stop smoking, trying different methods - acupuncture, hypnotherapy, cutting down, NRT, cold turkey, and e-Coaching.

Meet Rachel, who's using hypnotherapy (sorry - I can't reduce the size properly when I embed it).

The site has a section for each of the people, and will track them for four weeks, as part of a broader 'Help - for a life without tobacco' campaign.

I really like how the content fits in with MTV Europe; the reality style works well and it'll be interesting to see how the participants get on. I've never smoked, I'm glad to say, but I know from friends how hard it can be to quit.

Full disclosure - all client handling was done by Carat, my agency.

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