Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How Hits Happen on YouTube

This is a classic example of a slow burning hit on YouTube.

This YouTube clip is a compilation of unintentionally hilarious moments from a director's commentary for the film Outlaw, featuring the director, Nick Love, and the star, Danny Dyer. In the commentary they reflect on the critical mauling that their film had ("I've never seen no stars before, the ****ing broadsheet ****s"), and claim that other great films (like Taxi Driver and Dirty Harry) were also initially reviewed poorly.

It's been doing the rounds for a few days on the forums, on twitter, and on the blogs, and has now hit 15,000 views, but 4 weeks after it was uploaded (19th August - 15th September) it had only had a few hundred views.

What happened?

According to YouTube analytics, these are the crucial tipping points (& views from the different sources)

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15 Sep 2009
First referral from - - 275
First view from a mobile device - 298
First embedded on - - 349
Other/Viral - 1,290
16 Sep 2009
First referral from - - 243
First referral from - - 275
17 Sep 2009
First embedded on - - 2,185
21 Sep 2009
First referral from - - 379
First referral from - - 544
First embedded on - - 2,530

Essentially someone must have stumbled across the video, shared it on Facebook, then it was posted to the forums SomethingAwful and 4four, then HolyMoly, then That's Delightful (Graham Linehan's blog), then Popbitch. Twitter's not featured, but I know that it's been shared freqently there too, partly because I've done it myself...

...& here is the video in all it's glory. It's very funny, very much in the style of Derek & Clive, or even The Troggs Tapes - but contains very strong language from the start.

See also - How Hits Happen & How Hits Happen Pt 2

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