Monday, September 28, 2009

Spark Something - Space Hoppers for Sony Ericsson

Hopper Invasion is a new campaign for Sony Ericsson, letting people create and personalise their own online space hopper.

Facebook here, video here.

It reminds me a bit of last year's Orange Balloon Race, except doesn't really seem to be any point to it beyond creating the space hopper. You can save it as a screen saver, but so what..?

I saw this advertised on the tube this morning. The ad said 'search for Spark Something' - but they don't seem to be buying this as a search term, and they're not the top result for that phrase in Google. Hmmm.

Update - they are buying the term 'Spark Somthing' in Google now...

Update - 29th October - here's a clip of the online flashmob that happened with some of the hoppers earlier this week

Update - 6th November - live event in Berlin with 4,000 real hoppers


Bazza said...

Brilliant. Saw the new SE phone on telly. Said "search for 'spark something'", and I end up here!

Well done Sony Ericsson's marketing dept.

Twiggy1997 said...

Wow...12 Mega Pixel Camera, Touch Screen..Can this get any better?! Love the new phone, i want it !

I Am Search said...

Its sad how they feel that this will generate a social interest online? I mean, seriously - the Bravia adverts were fantastic, you can easily see the association with the colours, but space hoppers and phones?

There certainly isn’t anything retro about the phones, who ever signed this idea off really need to recollect their thoughts and make sure such a fail like this doesn’t come out of Sony Ericsson, Dare and Saatchi camp again.

I have written a lil blog post on what these guys need to do to help rank for Spark Something and would love to try and grab their attention and help them fix this awful fail.

Dare seem to be in bed with Vodafone and Sony Ericsson, so I guess watch this space for some more social failures.



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